History of Arriba Ya - 2006 through 2009
24 August 2009
When we began to work
directly with a bank instead of
continuing to work through womens
communities in urban slums.
17 April 2009
Reporting on outcome of pilot project
on Bart's fund raising project
on the gala first anniversary
on new type of community.
07 May 2008
Reporting on progress of pilot project
Announcing Bart's campaign
29 April 2008
General progress in pilot project
23 December 2007
Relationship between Arriba Ya
and the UN Millennium Goals
06 August 2007
Reporting on first months of pilot
our project to get good jobs for
mothers for whom a job is as
good as being in business
07 May 2007
Our background leading up to
starting the ArribaYa project
10 November 206
Early explanation of woman's
preparation projects
June 2006
Outline and explantion of ArribaYa
micro economic development
urban slum woman's project